Countdown to the 2014 Festival - May 29th - June 1st!

Get involved

Although many of our deadlines have passed, there are still many chances to GET INVOLVED in the 2014 Ithaca Festival.

We are always looking for volunteers, and there may still be some sponsorship opportunities available for your organization.

Of course a great way to get  involved is to come to the festival, May 29 – June 1, 2014. Check out our map and schedule.




Festival Program


We had a number of contests and raffles this year, and here is the complete list of winners. Congratulations to all!

Volvo raffle – Brandon McGill
Paintng Raffle – Kevin Brew

Button Trivia – a weekend pass to Grassroots Festival in Trumansburg!

Clarissa Plank
Lee-Ellen Marvin
Bruce McKee
Paul Chew
Richard Boronkay

72 Hour Film Festival Winners

First Place – Ben Howd
Second Place – Christian Schuepbach
Third Place – Jack Cecere

See our youtube channel and watch them all!

Latest News

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The Festival theme is...

Rhythm & Rhyme!